fan shop süd. st.pauli. hamburg.

Shop construction.

The younger brother of the St. Pauli’s flagship store is the St. Pauli “Fanshop Süd” (southern fan shop) in the access area of the St. Pauli Millerntor stadium’s southern tribune. Underlining the motto: “It’s the street that makes St. Pauli”, a street kiosk with a dilacerated façade and metallic shutters graces the tribunal entrance. Pasted over posters, tags and street artist graffiti, an old vending machine filled with St. Pauli pins and a fluorescent house number shed appropriate Kiez flair. Another nice touch: a streetlamp in the flagship store one floor below has been made to go through the ceiling and stands in such a way that the lantern illuminates the whole kiosk’s forecourt.

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