parzival. JMB. berlin.

Film architecture.

The futuristic city model, approx. 22 square metres in size and on 1:87 scale model, was built for a modern screening of “Parzival”.

It shows Jakob Michael Birn’s vision of the Berlin Schlossplatz in the year 2057. The acute observer will be able to recognize different visions of urban building. The Humboldt Forum – the re-erected Berlin Castle – has been fitted with added modern buildings and now serves as a military centre with a petrol station. The not yet existing “Jungbrunnen” (youthful fountain) by Jeff Koon graces the garden in shape of a washing machine with four denuded virgins. A number of skyscrapers by famous architects have sprouted alongside the “Alex” television tower, and the “Palace of the Republic” now shines in new splendour as a high rise.

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