from brand to space A distinctive character is found in each project. It is precisely this that we seek to uncover. We pinpoint the essence and allow ideas, concepts or whole worlds evolve from it, which we then bring to life in spaces.
rocknroll W are constantly on the lookout for novel ideas, as we love to walk on roads less travelled and to surprise with the unexpected. Digital and actual space are our stages … it’s on them we play our rocknroll!
work-flow With our experience, we can keep ideas and process in constant flux. We stay open to outside impulses in the process and have an unerring eye not just for the big picture, but also for the details. We prevent stagnation with good organisation and skilful improvisation.
location & team We like to be flexible. We always work where we’re required and put our freelance teams together according to the individual needs of the project. Not just our pool of freelancers stands to benefit from this, but so do our clients. If jobs become bigger or smaller, we can react immediately and optimise accordingly.